Naturally New Zealand has the knowledge and experience to organise group incentive tours for businesses wanting to reward their staff and valued customers.

Whatever your ideal holiday/vacation is - we can cater for it.

Queenstown Adventure Capital of New Zealand

Waitomo Glowworm Caves occupy a high placing in the New Zealand vacation wish-list

Kaikoura is the Whale Watching capital of New Zealand

Naturally NZ Holidays

Naturally New Zealand organises customised tours, holiday and vacation packages in New Zealand that are designed to suit your individual needs and interests

Unlike many tour operators we don’t design an itinerary which you have to fit in to. We fit in with you, so you will see and do exactly what you want when you visit our beautiful country.

Customised tours

Whatever your ideal holiday/vacation is we can cater for it.

Whether you want to experience the New Zealand wilderness, go kayaking, rafting or canoeing, fish our pristine lakes and streams, go horse trekking, take a tour of our many vineyards, cycle on our extensive off-road cycle paths, visit art galleries and museums, go skiing, walking, tramping or hiking, indulge your passion for photography or painting, sail around our varied and majestic coastland, or anything and everything else, we can design a tour to match your personal requirements. 

And for groups with different interests the holiday/vacation can be designed so nobody misses out on doing what they really enjoy.

At Naturally New Zealand we design your individualised holiday/vacation with you in mind including:

  • Personalised tours
  • Guided tours
  • Private tours
  • Self-drive tours
  • Special interest tours
  • Customised itineraries
  • Group and incentive tours
  • Tailor-made vacations/holidays

At Naturally NZ we work in with your timetable and preferences. Whether you want to drive yourself, want to take a guided tour, use NZ’s bus, rail and air transport system, or a combination of all three, we will design a tour with you in mind.

Our Prices

Booking with Naturally NZ will cost you no more than if you booked the holiday/vacation yourself. 

Naturally NZ is a small, family-owned company but we’re big in the industry. We’re well respected among tourism operators and have extensive contacts so we can book holidays/vacations at wholesale prices. 

We know virtually everyone in the industry, from the small operators to the large companies, and can often make interesting suggestions for your holiday/vacation that other companies might not be aware of. 

When you visit NZ you’ll often find the most memorable things were the cheapest or even free.

NZ Accommodation

NZ offers a range of accommodation, from five star hotels and exclusive lodges to backpackers and hostels, and everything in between. 

At Naturally NZ we can book you into accommodation that suits your preferences. Guests in our country often want to experience the real NZ and meet the local people. Options such as farm stays or bed and breakfast accommodation allow you to do this. 

Plus we know people throughout the country who open their homes to guests. If you have special requirements, such as a disability, we can find accommodation to suit your needs. 

Friendly personal service

Naturally NZ takes a personal approach to every tour it organises. We want to ensure you have the holiday of your dreams and work with you to make that happen. Our many happy customers and their positive feedback are testament to the fact that we deliver what we promise. 

Kaikoura Whale Watch
Auckland City

Naturally NZ Holidays